I’ve always had an issue with infidelity

I was repeatedly less than loyal to my partner

It started with simple flirting

Things progressed

Emotional attachments were formed

-side note-

My wife would always say an emotional attachment

Is the worst type of affair to have

Never understood it

Until I felt the pain

That I had caused her over the years

The lies

The betrayals

The rumors

One day I woke up and realized

 I had hurt the other piece to my heart

It’s like I felt a knife

Repeatedly piercing my heart

Over and over again

Like I did with the disrespect and games

I’ve put in a lot of work

To show remorse for my actions

A lot of arguments

Where I felt like I was being treated like a kid

But in reality

I had to regain and rebuild


We BOTH put in the blood, sweat, and tears

To build a solid foundation

With the inability to crumble

We are destined for infinite love

I honor and cherish her

As she does too

I am ever so grateful

That she didn’t count me out

Thank you for believing in me

Thank you for knowing me better

Than I know myself



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