I have crazy control issues

In a very unhealthy way

My control isn’t necessarily physical

It is psychological

Let me give you an example

I can plan a whole day of activities

If “life” happens and plans change

I often feel some type of way

I feel a sense of anxiety

“Oh no”

“Now we can’t do that next”

Another example

I dominate my thought processes on others

Sometimes I can block another’s

Point of view

I do not intentionally do this

I am learning

The value of different perspectives

The value of letting others

Make decisions that are best for them

But I have to admit

It is a constant struggle

Because I have been programmed

To my unhealthy ways

I am unlearning



How can I balance control? What works for you?

2 thoughts on “#ControlIssues

  1. I think it’s the “black woman” effect. We have been told so many times that we have to work harder then the next to get to were we need to be, no one even life isn’t supposed to knock our plans off. I read this and I see me. I plan plan plan and when it doesn’t go right the failure seems all mine, even when it failed because of snow. How in the world can I control that, but in my mind, I should have known it would’ve happened and prepared. I guess I’m a work in progress too lol.


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