I Need You

I need you

Yes you

Reading this right now

What do enjoy doing?

What areas are you skilled in?

One of my goals is to network

Like-minded individuals

Too often we sit in our box

Instead of reaching out

In fear of rejection

Comment what you enjoy

Comment your skills

Comment your interests

Feel free to send an email too


Let’s network and enjoy life



2 thoughts on “I Need You

  1. I’m in banking. Love to hike; it brings me the peace I need when I’m in nature, breathing fresh air. Meeting personal goals keep me motivated and my boys as they see me achieving greatness.


    1. Banking- I love it. Seems like you could bring a lot to the table for a financial literacy program. Of all the things taught in school- financial literacy should be one. Many of our blessings are blocked due to the lack of financial literacy. We all need to shift- learn it and pass it down. I believe the same concept with nature. Exposure to nature promotes healing. I did not know this growing up.
      Thanks for sharing 😀

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