#WakeUp: Modern Day Slave

Do you enjoy it? I know I used to LOVE it. Moved out of my parent’s place. Always had a job and nice things. I excelled in all my schooling and obtained my Master’s degree. I have a somewhat “prestigious” job and I’m satisfied with my salary. I moved out of my hometown for that job 😀. Purchased a house a year later. Married the perfect mate for my soul. Our house became a home when our babies moved in. Many people would die for my life. It is somewhat “perfect”.

But do you know what takes place behind the scenes? The tremendous amount of debt I have occurred while trying to achieve the “American Dream”. The six-figure student loan debt for a certified piece of paper. A house for an additional six-figure amount in which I can’t afford. Please do not get me started on the credit card debt for items and events I barely remember.

This is to say I’ve met many of the milestones one may wish to achieve in a lifetime- all before 35. The most important thing I’ve learned is hard work really does pay off. But only to a certain degree. I was oblivious to what I truly enjoyed in life- for 34 years.

Things all changed when I started this blog. I see a vision “Bigger Than Me”! Starting a blog was NEVER on my to do list. But my thoughts proceeded to race at rapid speeds. The passions started to explode beyond my familiarity. I began to feel the impact of other’s pain a bit more.

I released my blog with every fear in the world… I released it despite not knowing how to start a blog. Lol. But here I am- writing on MY BLOG! Don’t get me wrong- I enjoy my job, the “generous” compensation, and awesome perks. But it limits me from manifesting my soul’s desires. It is also limiting in the fact I spend less time with my family because I am “making a living”. I don’t even like the way that feels. I’d rather spend my time manifesting a lot of DOPE ASS SHIT! My track record shows I am capable. I’m just trying to get out of this rat maze so I can do what I was sent here to do💖

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