According to Webster, intention is the a determination to act in a certain way. In other words, when you take action(s) to predict a desired outcome. I believe there are three main components to successfully set and manifest intentions- acknowledgement, self-discipline, and accountability.

First, we must acknowledge that something must change. Then, we must identify the steps we will take to implement the change. Lastly, we must hold ourselves accountability to our thoughts,behaviors, and actions- from the time the intention is set until it actually manifests itself. This is often a challenging process and may overwhelm many. However, it is a LIFE-CHANGING process when you commit and the results are positive.

Yesterday I traveled down memory lane 😀. I began to think of many of the things I have manifested in my life… Many I would have never imagined I could do 😎. One of my gifts is being able to put something in my mind and knowing exactly how to execute it. It is difficult to sway me once my mind is made up- this is a gift and a curse 😶.

I had gain a lot of weight over a long period of depression. My emotions were over the place and I did not have much desire to do anything. I was very inactive and ate everything in sight. One day I told myself- this is no longer the lifestyle for me. I am tired of being tired from ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I am tired of carrying this excess baggage with me everywhere I go. I wanted a divorce from this unnecessary weight that literally kept me down.

About a year ago- I said I wanted to reach my target weight. I kept saying it to myself. I kept seeing other people at my desired weight and saw how happy and healthy they looked. I thought- I could do so much more in life at my desired weight. I identified “dos” and “don’ts” to achieve my desired weight.

This was difficult because I had to give up a lot of things that made me feel “comfortable”. The key to this was I needed to be realistic. For example, I’ve never been a gym rat- so there was no need in saying I was going to go to the gym x amount of days a week. Instead, I chose to walk more often and get outside in nature. I had to eliminate many items from my diet and change the frequency of my meals. I also implemented a lot of mental, emotional, and spiritual changes which allowed me to eliminate “invisible” baggage. Lastly, I held myself accountable with the idea that I am only holding myself back if I choose to go against this goal. However, I was sure to be gentle with myself… allowing me to easily get back on track when needed.

NONE of this was easy, but it was well WORTH it. I am about 50 lbs lighter a year later ✨. I am much healthier than I’ve been in MANY MANY years. I am able to focus better on the things that really matter in my life. I feel much lighter- in more ways than one💖 I am extremely proud of myself for achieving a very challenging goal.

I must say- it feels really good to look back and see the POWER of intentions✨ I have “stories for days” of how some of my most amazing manifestations started with ONE intention. NEVER underestimate the power of intentions. It will LITERALLY change your life when you understand YOUR power✨

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