I try to get a walk in every now in then while at work. I have a new appreciation for nature. My appreciation was rewarded today. I came across a beautiful black butterfly. The black butterfly is symbolic for death. People are quickly fearful when they come across that meaning. However, I am grateful for its meaning- as it also represents rebirth and renewal.

I can appreciate a few deaths in my life. A death to who I was TOLD to be…A death to not feeling good enough…A death to feeling that my feelings are not valid… A death to being such a people pleaser. Many more deaths to come, but I think I am off to a GREAT start 😎. This only means the “new” me is emerging✨. Beautiful and amazing things to come.

I came across a car shortly after the butterfly sighting. The numbers “444” seemed to magically appear on the license plate as I walked in the parking lot. If you know me- you know I looked up the meaning of the “angel numbers”. Lo and behold… my angels are with me…. guiding me and protecting me every step I take💖.

I am on the right path and am FULLY supported 🦄. My spirits were immediately uplifted as I struggle to “stay up” from time to time. We often get so distracted by the “little” things… that we take the “BIG” things for granted. When it boils down to it… we just have to shift our perspective. I am so grateful for my guides assisting me throughout my journey of life 💖

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