This healing journey is REAL… To say it’s work is an understatement. I’m learning more about myself through astrology. Astrology allows me to examine my past and create the future I desire. It can be confusing at times because we have been programmed with cultural and societal conditioning. However, we reap the benefits when we are able to look at the challenges “head on”… and commit to overcoming them.

Learning astrology is assisting me with identifying my gifts- as well as areas of improvement. Communication is one of my gifts- writing & speaking. It comes to me naturally; however, I try to limit how much I communicate. I have an analytical brain that constantly processes and computes information. Consequently, I have chosen to logically process if my thoughts and words are “worthy” of speaking and/or writing. This self-doubt and second guessing only limits the abundance packaged with my name and a bow.

I know in my heart & being that people want to “hear” what I think… and have to say. I know my ideas and words make a difference… in my own life… and the lives of others. Sometimes, I do not want to write or speak because it makes me feel vulnerable. I felt “weakness” as I typed that word. The reality is vulnerability is OKAH. It’s not what I thought it was when I was a child. The child within me is SAFE NOW! I can acknowledge that old script no longer “works” for me.

I am making a conscious effort to express myself more…. and more freely and authentically. It’s time to stop judging myself so harshly… it’s time to accept “mistakes” as a learning experience- and not beat myself up about it. It is time to embrace these gifts and all that comes along with them✨

I appreciate your time in allowing me to express my true self💖


One thought on “#HereGoesIt


    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇

    ♡ Sex Leads to…
    ♤ Fertilisation Leads to…
    ♤ Zygote Leads to…
    ♤ Soul Merging Leads to…
    ♤ Birthing Leads to…
    ♤ Childhood Leads to…
    ♤ Teenhood Leads to…
    ♤ Adulthood Leads to ???…

    …the Latin Derived Word ‘Puerile’ describes a ‘Grown Up’ Gent Behaving ‘Childishly’; for ‘Grown Up’ Ladies it’s a Derivation of ‘Puella’…please Ask The Internet if Any of This is Confusing; it SHOCKED!!! Me Too at First…as did The Realisation that 2020 is A Year Of The Wise Goddess; and that God cannot Give Birth Out Of HIS!!! Penis however Big that Swinging Dick May Be…ergo Goddess/God, The Divine, is a Janitor; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that They Selflessly Clean Up Our Mess and Take Away Our Waste so, Please, Don’t PISS THEM OFF!!!

    ◇ – Diamond Hard – ◇



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