I’ve been hiding a dirty little secret for over 3 months. I quit my safe job making $85k/year with NO PLAN!!! I did not have a backup plan lined before I quit. My total account balances were less than $1500 when I submitted my letter of resignation. The reason for resigning was to find opportunities that are more aligned with my personal development and goals. Simply put- I was UNFULFILLED… Le sigh… Tell me if you can relate.

I’m sure you’re thinking- yeah, but I wouldn’t dare quit my job because of it. We have to pay the bills and put food on the table. This much is true. However, we must value our time much more than we do.

Let me paint a picture. You dreadfully enter your job Monday morning after a weekend which was way too short as is. You’re doing work that you have no desire to do whatsoever- for up to 8 hours. Hopefully your commute home isn’t too bad. Then, you greet your family, cook dinner, or maybe just fall asleep. You repeat this daily through Friday- hoping the hours quickly fade away. We do this day in and day out. The days quickly become decades. We’ll be lucky if our health hasn’t declined due to the stress, wear, tear, and lack of fulfillment.

Now, let’s equate this scenario to time. We are all given 168 hours in a week. We donate roughly 40 hours (24%) to our job. We are supposed to get 56 hours (34%). Let’s estimate our work commute time to 5 hours (3%) a week. That’s nearly 100 hours (60%) of our week already accounted for. The problem is- we have not yet factored in our spouse, children, or friends. Somehow, we always throw ourselves at the bottom of this list … if there’s even enough room 😞.

This reality is the rat maze for many of us. We were programmed to thinking- this is the ONLY and BEST way to live our lives. Switch and repeat- until we go under 6 feet. Is this the life we want to pass to our great great grandchildren?

Why does money and status carry more weight than being fulfilled? What if we had the power to challenge what no longer works for us? What if we had the ability to get to know who we are deep down inside? What if we are skilled enough to pave our own way- instead of the way society has “taught” us? I wonder how different our lives would be if we CHOSE to live for us… our soul’s desire- total alignment and fulfillment ✨

By no means am I saying quit your job right now- without having a plan. For me- thankfully I’ve been able to manage things. My faith in the higher realm is what keeps me going every single day ✨I courageously listened to my soul’s cry as it yearned for more. It yearned for time with self. It yearned for time with my supportive spouse💖. It yearned for me to reach for the stars and beyond my WILDEST dreams. These dreams would not be coming true had I stayed in my comfort zone and retired from a place that I was unfulfilled.

Some days I don’t know if I’m coming or going. I just know I am given a new start each day- which translates to new experiences and opportunities ✨ This is only the beginning and I am truly excited to see what my soul has planned for my life💖

Until next time- what is your dirty secret?


2 thoughts on “#DirtySecret

  1. ♡ I Did the same in 2009 EveryOne; after paying my hefty taxes I AM now on Welfare and Writing…right now I AM on the edge of a beautiful tree lined lake watching birds; of the feathered kind and not human chicks 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊



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