The universe often talks to us, but we are too busy to listen. We are busy going about our day to tasks as if there’s no tomorrow. We forget to cherish the present moment for all of it’s beauty. The universe will sometimes force a “gentle” reminder so we don’t forget😏.

Last week I had plans of traveling and visiting family. I was scheduled to leave Thursday night or Friday morning. I packed the car up Thursday morning as I felt fine and normal. I had slight anxiety over me, but that’s pretty typical. Late Thursday evening my body began to experience discomfort. I decided to take a soaking bath to see if I would find some relief.

I was immediately greeted with chills shortly after my bath. I thought it was something that would “pass through”. I retired to bed early and decided to get some rest. I had postponed my travels until the next morning. The chills remained- my body started to ache. I grabbed the thermometer and noticed I had an 103.8 fever. Where did that come from?!?! It came from NOWHERE!!! That’s where…

That was the universe’s way of getting my attention. It had tried several times before, but I didn’t listen. I’ve sure we’ve all been there at one point or another. We get so caught up into “being busy” that we lose the sense of value in “stillness”. We often think the entire world will stop if we stop… That’s sooo not true.

In fact, I nursed myself back to health after 4 days. I engaged in the self-care my body was yearning for. It was begging in subtle ways- but of course… I did not listen. I sat there almost helpless. It took everything in me not to feel guilt. Too often we feel guilty for not being SUPER productive. I did absolutely nothing for 4 WHOLE days- and it felt pretty amazing✨ I learned that it is okay to not always produce or engage into something. It’s fine for us to “just be” and embrace that feeling 💖

The best part is life moved on without me in those 4 days. Family was okay and made arrangements as needed. I didn’t have to wreck my brain to figure out how the adjustments would work out. Everything effortlessly worked out😎

Don’t be afraid to take a break from it all and just


Have you experienced a situation where you were forced to sit down?

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