It’s been a while since I’ve come to this place. A lot has transpired in these past few weeks & days. Mainly amazing things- in which I will not “announce” yet. I am a firm believer of waiting to release things that are “in the making”.

It’s an energy thing to me… I feel it can tamper with my manifestations… people will know when I’m ready to share- lol 😎. But anyway… I was chatting with my life partner earlier and said I was going to write myself a letter here…

I’ve heard (and believe) we are so much more compassionate towards everyone else than ourselves. I am truly my WORST critic 😩. I’m working on it though… So I thought I’d come to this safe place- to show myself some compassion ✨ Here we go…

My friend,

You are wayyy too hard on yourself. You have to be more gentle… understanding… patient… proud… loving… did I say proud- 😂😂😂. Look at where you started. Many people would never imagine some of the things you’ve experienced over the course of your life (thus far).

Think of all the situations where you felt like it was the end… you felt you couldn’t move any further… What about the times when you were hurt to the core- and still showed love and smiled? What about the times you treated others less than kind knowing they didn’t deserve it? You’ve overcome it all and/or learned MANY valuable lessons… Some were very hard, but well needed… such is karma.

You’ve grown to have a greater appreciation for yourself as you are better at establishing healthy boundaries… still work to do, but LOTS of progress. You’ve gained an awareness regarding the impact of your words and actions on others. You are learning to be more mindful as you communicate with others. Still work, but great progress✨.

Your value system is changing… and based on YOU! Not the outdated values that were passed down to you. This is MAJOR in itself… Not everyone can do this, but YOU DID!

You have EVERY reason to be proud of yourself… Every reason to stop fearing success… Every reason to stop thinking you will fail. Opportunities are here… and YOURS for the taking… you’ve worked VERY hard and are MORE than deserving for what’s here.

Have faith in knowing it’s here to stay. Stand tall and be proud… Embrace a life of abundance. Abundant with whatever you desire- as long as your intentions are pure and the goal is evolving ✨ Pat yourself and be proud…

Job well done my friend 😎

~With Love & Compassion

Your Higher Self❤️✨


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