These past few weeks have been super busy. The weather hasn’t been the best. Consequently, I have not gone into nature lately. I’ve been constantly on the go- physically (and even mentally). I went out to run an errand this afternoon. I was greeted by mother earth as soon as I opened the door. The sun was shining- oh so brightly. There was a nice breeze that brushed against my skin. I smiled as I saw the birds fly and chirp. At that moment- i KNEW I had to do one of my favorite “past times”- go to the park.

I drove to my local park- one of my faves. I enjoy feeding the ducks. The eat the food from my hands. Some of those ducks can be bullies and such, but we all made it work :). Something a bit different took place today. There was a blue heron. We normally see a heron or crane, but they never come near us. Today was different…. It was spectacular and scary at the same time- Lol.

As I was feeding the ducks- the blue heron flew across the lake RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!!! I can not make this stuff up- lol. He (or she) was literally RIGHT NEXT TO ME… I was scared. I’ve never been that close to a heron. He didn’t do much… just stared… and stared a bit longer. Lol. He didn’t try to attack me. He didn’t try to eat the duck food. He just watched me… watch him. lol. I was in complete awe in this moment 🙂 Still terrified, but amazed… that he came from the other side… and could have chosen ANYWHERE to fly… but he CHOSE to sit RIGHT NEXT TO ME… LOL.

That Black Thing is my Leg- Sooo Close 🙃
A Close up of my New Friend ✨

If you know me… you know I look for the deeper meaning in things. Guess what I did?!? Yup- I looked up the spiritual meaning for the blue heron. Here’s an excerpt I found while conducting my research:

Animal Medicine: Powers of The Great Blue Heron

This PERFECTLY explains the journey that I am embarking on in the very near future. I wasn’t always like this- in fact… things recently started to change. For the longest- I tried to “fit in” with others… I “followed the crowd”. I played it safe… No longer can I “play it safe” I began to think. This isn’t who I truly am… My soul yearns for so much more… My soul yearns to be different… To experience DIFFERENT… No longer do I over-consume myself with the thoughts of others. Now- I “do my thing” and “keep it moving” 😀 The beauty in it all…. is I am OKAY with that☺️ Taking all of that into consideration- my spirit team placed that blue heron next to me… to congratulate me… For stepping into my purpose… Regardless of what that may look like to others. The article further went on to explain:

Animal Medicine: Powers of The Great Blue Heron

When I say I hopped on an opportunity of the UNKNOWN- You probably wouldn’t even believe the whole story- Lol. I had NO IDEA how things would work out- I still kind of don’t. But… I have faith… and I also have a KNOWING… it is all for my greater good. I will be challenged at times, but I will also gain so much strength in the process. I will experience joy like I’ve NEVER experienced before! I will have stories to share with others… as I hope it encourages them to never stop dreaming… To chase their dreams… To create their own reality- even if they don’t know where to begin. If I did it- so can YOU 😎

I was also greeted by other animals such as a few turtles, ducks, and bees. The animals and the gift of mother nature- provided me with a well needed recharge. Although brief- it was truly appreciated… especially in these busy times.

Thanks for reading!


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