Music allows me to feel what I can’t express. I often experience difficulty articulating how I feel. Somehow, I can listen to a song and become engulfed in my own feelings. I begin to understand who I am. I begin to understand my experiences and how to use them effectively. I enjoy listening to the expressions in an artist’s voice and tones. I enjoy listening to a finished product of raw emotions, amazing instruments, and all around passion. I owe much of my healing to music. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to internalize my thoughts and emotions- let alone speak on them. A few artists on my playlist now are:

• Daniel Caesar

• Saba

• Mali Music

• Big Sean (hence the name of this movement: BiggerThanMeMovement)

• Moses Sumney

• PJ Morton

• Chance the Rapper

• Noname


Check out “NPR Tiny Desk Concert” on YouTube. You won’t be disappointed 😉 I also listen to guided and instrumental meditation. This often gives me peace and an opportunity to look at life from a different perspective. What do you have in heavy rotation on your playlists?

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