“I’m not feeling it today” were my thoughts Monday morning. Honestly, I think of it every morning- but somehow find the courage to go in 😩😂. This week was different. I said I’m taking time out for me today. I struggled with guilt thinking “but you’re not physically sick”. I proceeded and said “Not happening today”😂😂😂. I’m calling out and I’m not going to feel bad for it. After all, my “sick” leave is for when I am ill. Ill is not specific to a cold or flu. Maybe one may need time to decompress. Decompress from an unloving world at times. Do we ever take time to process the things one may experience in a day? No- because we are too busy looking at our watches (into the future). We miss the opportunities that are right in front of us. So this is what I experienced earlier in the week. I was having an in depth conversation with my wife that morning. I would normally cut her short and say “I have to leave baby. Can you tell me about it when I get to work”. It was different this time. I actually longed for her to finish her story. I told her I’d be right back and informed my supervisor I would not be coming in. I returned back to my wife and she finished. We enjoyed each other a lot more in that moment. I can remember us both saying “we had no idea what time it was”. This was an amazing feeling. To actually just be present in whatever one wishes to do. I did not want to let that feeling go. Therefore, I called out the next day. Still no cough or sneeze. But still needing time to decompress. Decompress from an eventful weekend. This one day of calling out turned into an entire week😱. I enjoyed the extra long showers. I enjoyed the semi-extra indulgence in my hobbies. I enjoyed the time with my family. I acknowledged a few awesome things about going to work too. I am extremely grateful for my job. I am surrounded by awesome people who support me. My career is “exciting” and what I signed up for 😎. Many people are not provided with that opportunity- so I stand humbly grateful. I also realized that going into work every day keeps things semi-floating/moving in my world. I NEED structure in my life. I was often faced with feelings of guilt with the extra time on my hands. This led to a slip into depression. I didn’t like that feeling at all as I had recently severed ties with Ms. Depression. I took time to evaluate the circumstances and weigh the pros and cons. So here we are again with a new start of the week. I have an opportunity for a fresh start this week and going forward. I am afforded the opportunity to reach my destiny. I have the opportunity to balance LIFE and self-care. I have the opportunity to know when I need to take a break. We have to get rid of the stigma that we are so supposed to work our bodies to the bone- all while neglecting self in the process. Is playing hooky really a bad thing when your mind, body, and soul require a “recharge”?🤔

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