A little over a year ago I was faced with a challenging circumstance. I was LITERALLY ONE class away from obtaining my Master’s degree. The problem was- I had exhausted ALL of my financial aid (lessons learned). I was always the type to depend on financial aid to “finance” my education. Take it from me and learn from my mistakes-DON’T DO IT… Lol.

Anyway, obtaining my master’s degree was very trying for me. I took several breaks. I started in one state and re-located to another. That was a good year break as I transitioned to another school. My sibling was in a horrific car accident, which caused him to become a quadriplegic. Outside of the emotional impact- I literally traveled 5 hours nearly every other weekend for quite some time. Then, my mother passed away the following year unexpectedly. This took a toll on me and I decided to take off another semester. At the time- it seemed as though completing my degree was not an option.

I persevered through it and re-enrolled the following semester. My grades were “on point” despite “life” happening.

Again, I was literally one class away from graduating… it was DO or DIE. No financial aid left… I could afford it, but I did not want to spend it (that’s where my head was at the time… just being honest). I made the executive decision to pay for my class OUT OF POCKET. My tuition was $4,xxx.00… I was on a payment plan to pay it over the course of three months. Boy was that a ROUGH summer- Lol. I survived it though… And that made my graduation and degree all worth it. The fact that I made sacrifices to get what I want… and DESERVE! I worked HARD for that degree!!! That degree is symbolic for my determination, dedication, strength, courage, faith, and MUCH MORE.

I took this stroll down memory lane today as I am faced with another challenge. I have been given the opportunity to pursue something in which I am VERY passionate about. However, successful execution will require the BIGGEST sacrifices I have made in my life TO DATE. I’ve repeatedly toyed with the idea to take the easy route out and just chuck it up as a “missed opportunity”, but then I realized… That’s not even how I operate. It is yet that time again… to put that “Faith” and “Sacrifice” cape on and MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! I have stories for days to tell you how things have ALWAYS worked out in my favor. I’ve EARNED EVERYTHING I have… When the time comes…I will provide an update on how I (via my spirit team) will manifest this miracle and enjoy the fruits of my LABOR!

I’ll leave you with this…

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